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Accounting Documents


Our focus is on preparing tax returns for individuals, LLCs, partnerships, trusts, and estates. We also help small businesses with monthly accounting or with setting up a simple bookkeeping system. In recent years we have also been providing fiduciary services for our clients who need a trustee to administer their trust. The taxing authorities are increasing their use of “letter audits”. We do not want you to lose money paying an erroneous tax bill because you are worried about getting a bill from us. So although we do charge to prepare tax returns and year-round consultations, we do not charge to address basic questions that can be answered by a simple phone call or through e-mail (unless additional research is needed). This prevents you from making uninformed tax decisions and paying the IRS more than you should.

  • Be assured that any tax questions or problems you encounter will be addressed promptly at any time of the year.

  • We are able to serve you in a variety of ways: by mail, telephone, in-person appointments, and e-mail.


  • Many of our clients like having the option of either sending their information through a secure website, regular mail or dropping off their tax data prior to their phone appointment.


  • Because of advances in technology, we will eventually be phasing out most “sit down” appointments

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